Professional Development and Transformation Techniques teaches teens essential life and job skills. Students are taught about the standard tools and equipment of various professions, the importance of creating and meeting deadlines, and effective forms of business communication and etiquette. In addition to teens receiving specific skills through the multi-media departments, they also participate in resume writing and interviewing workshops.



I pledge to be all that I can be. 

A leader, educated, safe & drug free

Financially secure. 

Invest in my community.

To vote & be aware of my responsibilities.  

Intelligent & abstinent.

I’ll always be prepared to face the consequences. 

Non-violent take a stand but have some Common Sense





Mentoring gives teens an opportunity to create one-on-one relationships with industry professionals and their networks. The teens receive coaching and guidance from the instructors who lead the programs that go beyond just telling them what success looks like, but by showing them through the real-life experience of producing and creating work for a media company. The instructor/teen relationship has a positive effect on grades, attitude and the tendency to take risks.

Teen Nation programs increases exploration and involvement within the multimedia field, as teens gain a new curiosity for the world. Teen Nation develops confidence and competence, by getting teens to envision themselves as viable participants and contributors in the world of media, technology, and business. Teen Nation cultivates student’s interest in creating media, all while building skills and proficiencies, and teaching teens the role media plays in addressing societal issues.

Teen Nation Media is changing the inequalities that exist within media learning and education, that affluent teens are likely to be “content creators” while disadvantaged youth tend to be “content consumers”. There is a tremendous need for teens in urban communities to have the same access and interaction with media technology tools as their more affluent counterparts. The new divide is not solely defined by access but interaction.

Teen Nation programs have a long history of impacting Chicago’s teens personal development. Our teens see a significant improvement in their self-esteem and how they see themselves in the world. Teens in Teen Nation programs are exposed to mentors, careers, and networks they would have never experienced without their involvement in a Teen Nation program.Teen Nation has provided opportunities for more than 5,000 teens since its inception, with an average of 250 teens per year.  In addition, 95% of teens who participate in our program graduate from high school and 75% go on to college to major in broadcast media or other related programs while 25% attend local media schools. We are partnered with Chicago Public Schools and various community organizations.


Entrepreneurship affords teens the opportunity to develop inspiration for being a business owner in the future. Being part of a teen operated media company that values students’ feedback, implements their ideas and lets them see themselves in leadership roles, gives teens confidence, dreams and independence.

Arts, Media and Entertainment gives teens a platform to be seen and heard. Teens who are economically, socially and ethnically diverse are able to express themselves and face the challenges of the world around them through written and visual art.